Why is My Commercial Refrigerator Leaking?


If the refrigerator at your commercial facility springs a leak, it is a cause for concern that shouldn’t be ignored. There are many things that may cause a refrigerator to leak. Prompt attention to the problems reduces the risk of food contamination, injuries due to water puddles, and expensive repairs. It is easy to find affordable but quality commercial refrigerator parts to repair most any problem that is causing the leak. Do not ignore this problem and hope that it will go away! This will only worsen the problem.

If the water filter in the refrigerator is improperly installed, a leak may very well occur. Many people find that this is the cause of their trouble. Luckily it is an easy fix if this is the culprit of complaint. This can also be the scenario if the wrong filter is used in the unit. The first step in leak discovery is looking at the filter to find out if water is leaking through holes in the filter. You can prevent this from happening by checking the filter before purchase. A bit of research goes a long way.

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A drain pan issue can also cause a leak to occur. If the drain pan is cracked or has holes in it, water can easily leak out. If there is a large amount of water pooling out from the refrigerator, then it is likely time to replace the drain pan. Your drain line may also need to be defrosted, in which case a leak can occur. In fact, this is the most common cause of a refrigerator leak for most commercial units. A blockage by food, ice, or even crumbs or other particles will cause water to build up and without a proper place to drain, the water has no choice but to escape onto the floor.