What is a Fluidizer Blender?


Many people are confused about the difference between a fluidizer blender and a common ribbon blender. It is understandable, because these types of blenders are fairly new to the scene, especially in the United States.

Fluidizer Blenders

A fluidizer blender is the type of device that has blades going in many different directions. It is a distinctly different style from the ribbon blender. And it is a type of blender that has become more popular over the past couple decades. But it is still not as widely used as the ribbon blender.

Gentle But Rapid Blending

When there is an item that you want to blend gently but quickly, this type of blender will do a much better job. The fluidizer blender has so many blades of short length that go in different directions. So even if it is blending at a gentler speed, it can still blend the entire item very quickly.

Still a New Technology


The issue with fluidizer blenders is that they are still a new technology. Why? Because most industrial operations that would purchase high volume blenders do not even know about them. As a consequence, many of the top blender manufacturers in the United States are not making fluidizer blenders.

Small and Large Capacity

But there are a few manufacturers in the United States that are able to supply these blenders. A fluidizer blender from such a manufacturer would range from 5 cu feet to 500 cubic feet.

These blenders could have a very pertinent use in industrial cases. Many companies that are currently using high powered ribbon blenders to blend mixtures will find that a fluidizer blender does a better job.

Since these blenders are not getting to such high speeds, they will blend in a much gentler way. And that can produce a better and more consistent mixture.