The Basic Rights Of The Wheelchair Activist


In history there have been many famous activists who went on to do great things. But not many of them would you have expected to see rollicking and ranting in a wheelchair. Ron Kovacs was one such man. Due to a debilitating injury sustained in the line of duty, he was left wheelchair bound for the rest of his life. That did not stop him from campaigning for the basic human rights of thousands of other wounded soldiers, wheelchair bound or not.

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Today, activists are hard at work endeavoring to make life just a little more bearable for those who have to get by in a wheelchair. Public thoroughfares still need to be made easily accessible. You would swear that the local authorities were tied to wheelchairs given the snail’s pace at which they respond to the fair and equal rights of the wheelchair bound citizens who also pay their taxes on time.

Sleeves need to be rolled up this instant because there is still much work to be done. Fortunately, there are those who already jumped the gun, positively speaking. A wheelchair ramp ontario production line has already been established. The technicians, the designers and developers and the artisans are not solely confined to work that aids and abets the physically disabled. Design ingenuity and contract work goes heavily into making all walkways and building constructions a convenience for all and sundry, the physically disabled and the able.

It is time for all and sundry, no matter what your condition and no matter what your circumstances, to stand up and be counted. You too can do your part to help those who seemingly cannot help themselves at this time. Your part may only be small, but every little bit helps.