Supplies Needed To Be a Housekeeper


If you are opening your own housekeeping business, there are several important supplies and tools that you can’t do your job without. If your job is to clean a home or a business, you should come prepared with everything you need to complete the job. Different tasks require different supplies. Know what you’re tasks will be prior to showing up so that you can make sure you have everything you need.  

microfiber mop

For The Floors

Different types of flooring require different types of cleaners. You may be cleaning hardwood floors, tile floors, or carpet. For any of these types of flooring, you should always be prepared with a broom, a microfiber mop, a vacuum, and some rags. You will also need the appropriate cleaning solution product to use on whichever type of flooring you are working on.

For The Kitchen

When cleaning a kitchen, it’s important to have soap, cleaning solutions for counters and appliances, rags, and sponges. If the appliances are stainless steel, you will want a stainless steel cleaner. Anything else will leave the appliances looking cloudy and streaky.

For The Restrooms

Restrooms have more things to clean than normal rooms. In a restroom you have a sink, a shower, and a toilet. You must pay special attention to all of these things. Restrooms carry a lot of germs and other diseases that people can pass around. To help minimize the spreading of germs, keeping all parts of the restroom clean is crucial.

For The Living Room/Bedrooms

The rest of the house may need some tidying up, but most of the scrubbing is done on the floors, in the kitchen, and in the restrooms. For the other rooms, you should be prepared with dust rags, cleaning solution to dust with, Windex to clean the mirrors and windows, and anything else you prefer to use when cleaning.